Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Fwd: 5 Minutes to Save a Life: Letters to Haiti for Fr.Jean-Juste

I visited Fr. Jean-Juste in prison last week and his major concerns
were serving the kids in his parish
who need to be fed, and helping his fellow prisoners, too many of whom
are political and most of whom haven't seen a judge. Fr. Jean-Juste is
in solidarity with the poorest of the poor, hence he must continually
be demonized by the right-wing media machine in Haiti. Please do what
you can to spread the word about the campaign to free him.

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Subject: [Lethaitilive] 5 Minutes to Save a Life: Letters to Haiti for
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Take 5 Minutes to Save a Life: Campaign to Deliver
Letters to US Ambassador in Haiti to Free Fr.
Jean-Juste [please take action and forward]

We are asking people and groups to send a letter (and
to ask your friends to send a letter too) asking that
the United States Embassy do everything in its power
to persuade the unelected Haitian government release
Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste from prison in Haiti. Bill
Quigley, a law professor in the US and a volunteer
lawyer for Fr. Jean-Juste with the Institute for
Justice and Democracy in Haiti, will hand-deliver all
letters to the US Embassy in Port au Prince. Please
take 5 minutes to do this, and ask others to do it as
well - it could save his life.

It can be a simple letter or a long letter, but
please write it, on your letterhead if possible, and
mail it to:

U. S. Ambassador to Haiti, James B. Foley
c/o and Professor Bill Quigley
Loyola University Law School
7214 St. Charles Avenue, Box 902
New Orleans, LA 70118

or send a fax with your name and address or on your
letterhead c/o Bill Quigley 504.861.5440

sample letter:

Dear Ambassador Foley:
Please have the US do everything in its power
for the immediate release of Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste.
Fr. Jean-Juste has been identified as a political
prisoner by Amnesty International and other Human
Rights groups. I know the US has power to influence
the unelected Haitian government - please use that
power to free Fr. Jean-Juste and to cease all
political persecution of him.
Thank you, name and address

Bill Quigley will hand-deliver these letters to the
Embassy in Port au Prince. If you include your email,
we will notify you when your letters are delivered and
send you other information about human rights in Haiti
if you would like.

Additional information about the assault on Fr.
Jean-Juste in church in Haiti and his arrest and his
status as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty
International can be found at and
Amnesty report designating him as POC:
Human Rights First Campaign to free JJ:
Common Dreams article about assault at church and

Peace, Bill Quigley

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Anonymous Voice said...

Until people unite as a whole, and let their combined voices be heard, the United States and others who support these atrocities of the Haitian people,will be allowed to get away with this kind of "barefaced murder". HOW LONG SHALL THE WICKED RAIN OVER MY PEOPLE?...SONG BY BOB MARLEY.. What exactly does the Unites States want of the Haitian people in Haiti???

10:54 AM  

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