Saturday, July 30, 2005

AHP/Radio Solidarity founder/director returns safely to Haiti

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** AHP/Radio Solidarite founder/director Venel Remarais returned> safely to Haiti today at 12:30 PM. He cut short his travel in Florida> due to the summons brought to his office (but not delivered) on July> 27 stating that he is to appear before an investigating judge on> Monday August 1st to discuss criminal accusations against him.>> By the way, on his way home from the airport, Venel heard messages of> support from listeners to Radio Solidarite and called in to> congratulate a Haitian group on the release of their new CD that was> just played over the air and to reassure them that he was in Haiti and> ready to defend the station and his journalists. We will continue to> provide updates on this situation and expect to be sending you the AHP> News in English again before the end of the weekend. Thanks for your> support!>> For The Friends of AHP> Mike Levy>


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I give you all my support, god bless you, keep it up!

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