Thursday, July 28, 2005

UN troops still occupying medical school created by Aristide

Just an update that I went by the medical school described below, and it's now being used as a base
for Brazilian UN troops. As death from preventable diseases continues to ravage Haiti's population, this is the
response of what we laughingly call the "international community". For a better approach check out Partners in Health, site easily accessible via google search. I'll post more about UN military operations in coming days.

This is from p. 4 of the excellent pamphlet We Will Not Forget! The Achievements of Lavalas in Haiti, available at

"President Aristide created a new medical school in Tabarre, which provided free medical education to 247 students from all parts of the country, each of whom committed to serve in their own community upon completion of their education. A school for nursing had been slated to open in fall of 2004. After the coup the U.S. and Brazilian militaries appropriated the land and building. The school remains closed."


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