Thursday, July 28, 2005

AHP and Radio Solidarity founder/director under attack

below is a message that came from Mike Levy, stalwart English translator of AHP news. AHP and its sister organization, Radio Solidarite, have provided an independent voice for coverage of Haitian news which has refused to toe the line set by elite-owned right wing media in Haiti.

I'll post more news as this story proceeds, I greatly regret that I can't follow developments here in Haiti, as I'm returning to the U.S. tomorrow, but this blog will continue with material gathered from the 10 days working with the estimable Doug Spalding and other friends in Haiti. Though perhaps I will wind up changing the name of the blog as I won't be back in Haiti for a while, I will continue to write about events in Haiti, relying in no small part on Mike Levy's translations of AHP news. Note that at the bottom of this post is an appeal for financial support for AHP, please help if you can.

And please stay tuned.

Ben Terrall

Dear readers of AHP News,
A Haitian bailiff has just attempted to deliver a legal summons to the
office of the founder/director of AHP and Radio Solidarite, Georges Venel
Remarais in Port-au-Prince. The precise contents of the document are not yet
known as Mr. Remarais was not present and the document was not accepted,
however a member of the staff who saw the document reported that he is being
accused of "association de malfaiteurs" (criminal association) and
escroquerie (fraud). It is believed that he has been ordered to appear
before a judge on Monday, August 1. Mr. Remarais is currently outside Haiti
and is attempting to return to Haiti prior to the date indicated on the
Efforts are now being made on his behalf to determine who signed the order
against him and to learn further details regarding the allegations.
It is perhaps not a coincidence that a member of the Conseil des Sages
(Council of the Wise) recently stated that all radio stations that permit
bandits to speak over the airwaves should be shut down. It is believed that
the term "bandits" may be a reference to anyone living in the populist
districts. As most AHP readers know, AHP and Radio Solidarite, like most
independent media organizations, often provide news from a wide variety of
sources, including governments, NGOs, grassroots organizations, and
witnesses to natural disasters as well as acts of violence and actions of
national or international security forces in an effort to provide in-depth
reporting and to serve the Haitian public.
Some human rights observers are already interpreting this action as a very
disturbing  act of intimidation against what remains of the independent
media in Haiti, and believe that additional action by human rights defenders
may be necessary. It is hoped that human rights and press freedom
organizations will be monitoring the situation closely. As the full details
become available, the Friends of AHP will pass them along to you in the
event it becomes clear. We of course hope that this is not an indication
that a more serious human rights situation is about to develop.
For the Friends of AHP,
Mike Levy
[write Mike to be added to daily AHP translation list]
AHP and its sister operation, Radio Solidarité, greatly need your financial support to enable them to continue to bring news about events in Haiti to the Haitian people and an international audience, in a manner not available elsewhere.
We are delighted to announce that your contributions to AHP sent through the Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas are tax-deductible.
Please make your checks out to:
MITF/Friends of AHP
and send them to:

Friends of AHP
P.O. Box 370
Osceola, WI 54020

Checks made out to AHP/Radio Solidarite and sent to:

Friends of AHP
PO Box 370
Osceola, WI 54020

are also greatly appreciated and will be rushed immediately to AHP in Haiti, however they are not tax deductible.
Many thanks to all contributors and to MITF!


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